2020 SCCDP Board of Directors

Ellen Beck (City of Seward) 
Pat Coldiron (Seward County Visitors Committee) 
Mike Fehlhafer (Breeza Industrial from Utica)
Gerald Homp (Bottle Rocket Brewing from Seward)
Patrick Kelley (City of Milford Mayor) 
Duane Miner (Cattle Bank & Trust from Seward)
Ed Koster (Southeast Community College from Milford)
David Kumm (Concordia University – Nebraska from Seward)
Kellen Meyer (Plum Creek Ag from Seward)
Becky Paulsen (Seward County)
Roger Reamer (Memorial Health Care Systems from Seward)
Tom Rief (Sparetime Lounge & Grill from Seward)
Matt Howe (Chez Bubba from Gohner)
Jim Swanson (Village of Utica)
Max Wake (Jones Bank from Seward)

BOLD is anchor member

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Jonathan Jank

SCCDP President & CEO
Office:  402-643-4189
Cell:  402-570-8020
Email:  Jonathan@CultivateSewardCounty.com




Megan Kahler

Membership Director
Office:  402-643-4189
Email: Megan@CultivateSewardCounty.com




Leanne Miller

Marketing & Events Coordinator
Office: 402-643-4189
Email: Leanne@CultivateSewardCounty.com




Zane Francescato

Development Director
Office: 402-643-4189
Email: Zane@CultivateSewardCounty.com





Alexa Axthelm

Administrative Assistant
Office: 402-643-4189
Email: Alexa@CultivateSewardCounty.com




Harrison Helmer

Development Assistant
Office: 402-643-4189
Email: Harrison@CultivateSewardCounty.com